Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 4 Highlights

It really was an awesome day.  Our new found friends and neighbors Meg and daughter Annie are just the best.  Looking forward to connecting with them again when we get back  to Oregon.
We got rained on today, hailed on and felt the warm sun on our faces for just a minute.  Road our bikes and decided it was too wet and cold so reverted to the truck. Went to a happy hour that was a a bit crazy. Wondering if I'm getting too old for this? Haha. Met a gal who knows my bff Tamy from Long Beach. It really is a small world. Last night for coffee duty. Ugh. So glad I'm done with that. Party tonight was fun and yes, I did do a bit of dancing! Ready to pack it in and up tomorrow. Heading to Bend to spend the night with our new friend Kelly.
All in a days work. Night!


  1. What a nice post Cindy! I feel like God put you two next to us for a reason! I'll see you in August for another fun camping weekend!

    Hugs ~Annie

  2. Great pics! You should take Fabio on the road with you!
    Be safe! xoxo, Marilyn