Thursday, November 28, 2013

Leslie Ann's Killer Cornbread

Leslie Ann Akin of LO Graphics is a woman who never ceases to amaze me.
This time it's her Killer Corn Muffins. Can't wait to try it and it will be on the menu for
Christmas and probably before. She also makes killer print ads and business cards for clients around the world. You can connect with Leslie and share in her other talents 
at Lake Oswego Graphics.  Love you Leslie.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Budding Baker in the House

5 year old Lincoln likes to spend time in the kitchen.
 We made Sugar Free Brownies by Pillsbury.
Super tasty and of course super easy.
You would never know they didn't have sugar in 'em.
and they didn't last long at our house.  
A little bit of Pam.  Now that was fun!

Lincoln:  Grandma I really think it would work best with a spoon AND a spatula.

Lincoln:  I can't wait to lick the spoon.  oh and the spatula!
Lincoln: I bet I could eat these with just one bite.
Lincoln was pleased and Hendrix just wanted to dig in.  Another fun day with the grands. Perfection.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gather Round the Table with Longaberger

Longaberger Consultants are so creative! 
Debbie Condon sets her table for every season.
Isn't this just so festive?!
Makes me want to dig right in and start decorating!
That's the plan this weekend as I have my first
Christmas Party next week.
Can't wait to see what she does for other holidays...

Thanks for sharing Debbie.  Simply beautiful!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Road Trip

I'm going on a road trip and taking my basket with me.  Love you to pieces Hendrix!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fill It Hurricane

The Longaberger Fill It Hurricanes have been such a big hit with customers.
 I like 'em too and have fun coming up with creative things to fill it.
I suggest changing them out for the seasons, and sometimes 
I do it more often that that.  This time it's an Autumn theme.  In the top part,
I used the Halloween Night Grooved Pillar I got from Sarah and PartyLite. 
Surrounded the Pillar with dry tri-colored pasta spiral noodles.
In the bottom, a few little pumpkins and gourds finished the look. 
Can't wait to change it out for Christmas!

Small Fill It Hurricane
  Great price point at $30!
  Holds a 3" x 6" Pillar Candle. 5"d (base) x 9 5/8"h; 6 1/2" opening at top.

Suggested fillers:
  • Use as a snack bowl and fill with Gold Fish in the top.  Add water to the bottom and a few small sea shells.
  • Baby Shower - Fill with animal crackers and either pink or blue paper shred in the bottom add a small rattle or pacifier for the wow factor.
  • Pine cones and greenery
  • Cinnamon Sticks and Oranges
  • Pillar Candle with berry wreath on the top. Potpourri in the bottom.
  • Flags and Stars
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Use your imagination to create your own.
Medium Fill It Hurricane*

Great price point @ $35
 Holds a 3" x 6" Pillar Candle. 6 1/8"d (base) x 11 3/4"h; 8" opening at top,
*so popular it's on delayed shipping

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Senior Moments

Crazy to think I'm turning 60 in just a few short weeks.
Saw this on facebook and while I don't know who to credit,
I  like what I see.  Sometimes having a "senior moment" is

As I was waiting in line behind an older gentleman at Wendy's recently, I heard him ask for his senior discount. The girl at the register apologized and
charged him less. When I asked the man what the discount was, he told me that
seniors over age 55 ...get 10% off everything on the menu, every day. 
(But you need to ASK for your discount.)
Being of  'that' age myself, I figured I might as well ask for the discount too.
this incident prompted me to do some research, and I came across a list of restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, travel deals and other types of offers giving various discounts with different age requirements. I was actually surprised to see how many there are and how
 some of them start at the young age of 50 . This list may not only be useful for you, but for your friends and family too.
Dunkin Donuts gives free coffee to people over  55 . If you're paying for a cup every day, you might want to start getting it for FREE.
YOU must ASK for your discount !

RESTAURANTS: Applebee's: 15% off with Golden Apple Card (60+) Arby's: 10% off ( 55 +) Ben & Jerry's: 10% off (60+) Bennigan's: discount varies by location (60+) Bob's Big Boy: discount varies by location (60+) Boston Market: 10% off (65+) Burger King: 10% off (60+) Chick-Fil-A: 10% off or free small drink or coffee ( 55+) Chili's: 10% off ( 55+) CiCi's Pizza: 10% off (60+) Denny's: 10% off, 20% off for AARP members ( 55 +) Dunkin' Donuts: 10% off or free coffee ( 55+) Einstein's Bagels: 10% off baker's dozen of bagels (60+) Fuddrucker's: 10% off any senior platter ( 55+) Gatti's Pizza: 10% off (60+) Golden Corral: 10% off (60+) Hardee's: $0.33 beverages everyday (65+) IHOP: 10% off ( 55+) Jack in the Box: up to 20% off ( 55+) KFC: free small drink with any meal ( 55+) Krispy Kreme: 10% off ( 50+) Long John Silver's: various discounts at locations ( 55+) McDonald's: discounts on coffee everyday ( 55+) Mrs. Fields: 10% off at participating locations (60+) Shoney's: 10% off Sonic: 10% off or free beverage (60+) Steak 'n Shake: 10% off every Monday & Tuesday ( 50+) Subway: 10% off (60+) Sweet Tomatoes: 10% off (62+) Taco Bell : 5% off; free beverages for seniors (65+) TCBY: 10% off ( 55+) Tea Room Cafe: 10% off ( 50+) Village Inn: 10% off (60+) Waffle House: 10% off every Monday (60+) Wendy's: 10% off ( 55 +) Whataburger: 10% off (62+) White Castle: 10% off (62+) This is for me ... if I ever see one again.
RETAIL & APPAREL : Banana Republic: 30% off ( 50 +) Bealls: 20% off first Tuesday of each month ( 50 +) Belk's: 15% off first Tuesday of every month ( 55 +) Big Lots: 30% off Bon-Ton Department Stores: 15% off on senior discount days ( 55 +) C.J. Banks: 10% off every Wednesday (50+) Clarks : 10% off (62+) Dress Barn: 20% off ( 55+) Goodwill: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location) Hallmark: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location) Kmart: 40% off (Wednesdays only) ( 50+) Kohl's: 15% off (60+)Modell's Sporting Goods: 30% off Rite Aid: 10% off on Tuesdays & 10% off prescriptions Ross Stores: 10% off every Tuesday ( 55+) The Salvation Army Thrift Stores: up to 50% off ( 55+) Stein Mart: 20% off red dot/clearance items first Monday of every month ( 55 +)
GROCERY : Albertson's: 10% off first Wednesday of each month ( 55 +) American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday ( 50 +) Compare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+) DeCicco Family Markets: 5% off every Wednesday (60+) Food Lion: 60% off every Monday (60+) Fry's Supermarket: free Fry's VIP Club Membership & 10% off every Monday ( 55 +) Great Valu Food Store: 5% off every Tuesday (60+) Gristedes Supermarket: 10% off every Tuesday (60+) Harris Teeter: 5% off every Tuesday (60+) Hy-Vee: 5% off one day a week (date varies by location) Kroger: 10% off (date varies by location) Morton Williams Supermarket: 5% off every Tuesday (60+) The Plant Shed: 10% off every Tuesday ( 50 +) Publix: 15% off every Wednesday ( 55 +) Rogers Marketplace: 5% off every Thursday (60+) Uncle Guiseppe's Marketplace: 15% off (62+)
TRAVEL : Airlines: Alaska Airlines: 50% off (65+) American Airlines: various discounts for 50% off non-peak periods (Tuesdays - Thursdays) (62+)and up (call before booking for discount) Continental Airlines: no initiation fee for Continental Presidents Club & special fares for select destinations Southwest Airlines: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before booking for discount) United Airlines: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before booking for discount) U.S. Airways: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before booking for discount) Rail: Amtrak: 15% off (62+) Bus: Greyhound: 15% off (62+) Trailways Transportation System: various discounts for ages 50+
Car Rental: Alamo Car Rental: up to 25% off for AARP members Avis: up to 25% off for AARP members Budget Rental Cars: 40% off; up to 50% off for AARP members ( 50+) Dollar Rent-A-Car: 10% off ( 50+) Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 5% off for AARP members Hertz: up to 25% off for AARP members National Rent-A-Car: up to 30% off for AARP members
Overnight Accommodations: Holiday Inn: 20-40% off depending on location (62+) Best Western: 40% off (55+) Cambria Suites: 20%-30% off (60+) Waldorf Astoria - NYC $5,000 off nightly rate for Presidential Suite (55 +) Clarion Motels: 20%-30% off (60+) Comfort Inn: 20%-30% off (60+) Comfort Suites: 20%-30% off (60+) Econo Lodge: 40% off (60+) Hampton Inns & Suites: 40% off when booked 72 hours in advance Hyatt Hotels: 25%-50% off (62+) InterContinental Hotels Group: various discounts at all hotels (65+) Mainstay Suites: 10% off with Mature Traveler's Discount (50+); 20%-30% off (60+) Marriott Hotels: 25% off (62+) Motel 6: Stay Free Sunday nights (60+) Myrtle Beach Resort: 30% off ( 55 +) Quality Inn: 40%-50% off (60+) Rodeway Inn: 20%-30% off (60+) Sleep Inn: 40% off (60+)
ACTIVITIES & ENTERTAINMENT ;: AMC Theaters: up to 30% off ( 55 +) Bally Total Fitness: $100 off memberships (62+) Busch Gardens Tampa, FL: $13 off one-day tickets ( 50 +) Carmike Cinemas: 35% off (65+) Cinemark/Century Theaters: up to 35% off Massage Envy - NYC 20% off all "Happy Endings" (62 +) U.S. National Parks: $10 lifetime pass; 50% off additional services including camping (62+) Regal Cinemas: 50% off Ripley's Believe it or Not: @ off one-day ticket ( 55 +) SeaWorld, Orlando , FL : $3 off one-day tickets ( 50 +)
CELL PHONE DISCOUNTS : AT&T: Special Senior Nation 200 Plan $19.99/month (65+) Jitterbug: $10/month cell phone service ( 50 +) Verizon Wireless: Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan $29.99/month (65+).
MISCELLANEOUS: Great Clips: $8 off hair cuts (60+) Supercuts: $8 off haircuts (60+)
NOW, go out there and claim your discounts - - and remember -- 
YOU must ASK for discount ---- no ask, no discount. I know everyone knows someone over 50 so please pass the one on!

I have not checked the facts on this but figure  
it's worth ASKING anyway.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Secret Santa

Omgosh!  I was out all day and just arrived home late
tonight to a big surprise on my doorstep. 
Santa arrived early!  And what a treat!  Thank you to whom ever you are and 
please don't keep me in suspense any longer.  I love it!
Gold Sparkly Lantern w/battery tea lights and faux snow.  So dang cute! I'm one lucky girl!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

American Country Mercantile Christmas Open House

Put a little jingle in your step.  Yes, it's that time of year again...
the first of many Holiday Bazaars.  This elf has been busy
pulling together junking finds as well as crafting and 
creating for the season.  Today is Day Two of 
American Country Mercantile's Christams Open House.
The Shop is ready and full to the brim with holiday finds.
If you're in the area it's worth the time to stop by.  
If's worth a road trip. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

One Creative Chick

My friend Marilyn has done it again.  She is so creative in her designs and
loves the cottage shabby look.  Here are just a few of her
Christmas treasures available on Etsy
and at American Country Mercantile in Keizer OR.