Monday, August 5, 2013

Beer Bread

Discussion on facebook and I'm in the kitchen making Beer Bread.  The cool thing about Beer Bread is you can use any liquid.  So be creative.  Apple Cider, Club Soda, Diet Pop, Orange Juice.  You get the idea.  Just use the same amount of liquid and see what you come up with.  You can even add raisins, cranberries, apple bits, etc.
While I usually make it in a Loaf Pan, last night I made the Beer Bread in the New Longaberger Flameware Braiser.  A little less cooking time and it got a little more crusty on the sides.  I liked that.

Flameware worked perfect.  Simple to make and easy clean up.
Popped it out of the pan and cut it in pie shape. Perfection.

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