Monday, April 2, 2012


Omgosh!  Is it a tack or a hook?  I'm using these at home for all kinds of things.  My friend Marilyn, from Top of Mind Designs is the Creative Designer for CraZy TACKz.  So new that they are just now getting into local stores like Michael's and CraftWarehouse.  Order online and use code WFS20F and get a super offer!

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  1. I am amazed at all the uses I find for CraZy TackZ around my home and office. It's the total 'AHA' widget that begs the question, 'Why didn't I think of that!' Since I found CraZy Tacks I suddenly find myself organized. My necklaces are all hanging and I am wearing more than the one I can find and most likely wore yesterday. No more searching a potholder in the kitchen. It is conveniently located on a CraZy TackZ. Plus, a favorite of mine - my keys have a home, which saves me time every day looking for my keys.